Manage and Organize Your Life with myPortablePIM (Freeware)

Do you feel a day should be more than 24 hours? Do you feel there is no significant improvement to reach your achievements? If you feel those just like me before..maybe you need a PIM to organize your life! PIM (Personal Information Manager) allows you to manage your time and activity. Help you to reach your achievements easier than before!

You can use your computer as your PIM by installing PIM software on it. There are several PIM softwares around, most of them are paid software. But after I am searching around, I found a free portable PIM that worth it to use: myPortablePIM.

Manage and Organize Your Life with myPortablePIM Freeware

Manage and Organize Your Life with myPortablePIM Freeware

MyPortablePIM has complete features as a PIM software. It’s a portable PIM software that required no installation. You can use it from your USB disk so it can be taken everywhere.

These are the complete features of myPortablePIM:

1. It’s portable, no need installation and you can use it from your USB stick.

2. You can mark the day’s events, task and reminders with alarm.

3. You can send the day’s event and task via email.

4. You can view your tasks monthly, weekly, daily, or custom.

5. There are two desktop views (Desktop 1 and Desktop 2) where you can arrange your windows based on your need.

6. It has internal Gmail checker so you can check your Gmail directly from this PIM.

7. Built-in with RSS reader.

8. Built-in with Password Manager to store as many passwords as you want.

9. You can protect other people to access your PIM by set a password to access it.

10. You can change its theme with 21 ready to use themes. You can also create a custom theme to match with your needs.

11. Built-in weather forecast and current conditions.

12. You can insert contacts as many as you want on its address book.

13. You can track your activity duration. It’s important to track your activity duration so you can create an accurate plan on your PIM.

14. It’s compatible with iCAL and vCard standards so you can import contacts from vCard format and calendar from iCAL format.

15. Compatible with Windows Operating System : Windows 2000, windows XP, windows Vista, Windows 7

If you want to know how to download and use myPortablePIM, simply follow these simple steps below:

1. Download myPortablePIM here:


2. Extract myPortablePIM-1.5.0

Extract myPortablePIM

Extract myPortablePIM

3. Open myPP.exe

Open myPP.exe

Open myPP.exe

4. Check “Accept” option and click “Confirm” button.

Accept and Confirm

Accept and Confirm

5. Enjoy this PIM software

Close Tips Box and Enjoy This myPortablePIM

Close Tips Box and Enjoy This myPortablePIM

Spy on Tech Review about myPortablePIM:

Cons :

1. It’s rather slow to access.

2. It has a bored square standard design.

Pros :

1. It has most of all Personal Information Manager features: task lists, notes, tracking activity, alarm, address book, reminder, email checker (Gmail), weather forecast, password protected, etc.

2. It’s portable. You can bring it anywhere on your USB stick.

3. It’s FREE!

Final Verdict : Recommended!

As a free PIM software, it has complete features, and even it’s more complete than several paid PIM software. My final verdict for myPortablePIM is: Recommended!

Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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