Managing USB Flash Drive with USB Flash Drive Control

USB flash drive or popular called USB flash disk is one of the most popular external media storage recently. Beside its small size, practical, and easy to be brought, the capacity of USB flash drive is also far better to store and move data in mobile way. Because of its popularity, many people misused its function. The example is, there are so many virus, malware and other dangerous program maker, spread them through USB flash drive by using Autorun feature provided by windows. Still many more problems happened caused by this USB flash drive misused. But you don’t have to worry since the problem could be handled if you can manage USB flash drive in your computer.

Managing USB Flash Drive with USB Flash Drive Control

For you who want to manage USB flash drive in your computer, there is a free interesting software for you to try. This software is USB Flash Drive Control. USB Flash Drive Control is a free software made by binisoft you can use to manage USB flash disk in your computer, such as:

1. Enabled and disabled USB flash drive.

When you disabled USB flash drive on your computer, there won’t be USB flash drive detected in your computer without your permission. So if there’s a friend or relatives put USB Flash disk in your computer, that USB flash drive won’t be detected. It can be used to avoid the spread of virus, malware, etc from USB flash drive you don’t want. It could also be used to protect data in your computer so that it won’t be copied by anybody else to their flash disk!

2. Dissalow Execute Feature

By this feature, your windows computer won’t run its exe file on USB flash disk by autorun. As we knew, autorun feature in windows often used by virus, malware, and some kind of them maker to infect your computer. By giving this dissalow execute, virus and malware spread can be avoided since windows won’t run any program from your USB flash disk by autorun way

3. Read only mode Feature

Using this feature, USB flash disk put on your computer will just be able to read without inserting new file. So, when other people used your computer, they will only read their flash disk content without copying file to their flash drive without your permission.

4. USB Flash Drive Control protected by password

Only you can manage and set USB flash drive Control. It happened since USB Flash Drive Control can only be accessed by you who have access password to USB flash drive. Even this USB flash drive Control couldn’t be uninstalled if not by you. It happened since to uninstall USB flash drive Control also needs password access you’ve made.

This USB Flash Drive Control is free and very easy to be used. You can manage USB flash drive only with some mouse click. For you who have interest to install USB Flash Drive Control, you can download it here:


Download USB Flash Drive Control

This USB Flash Drive Control is small software which is very useful to make you easier in arranging your USB Flash Drive easily. I hope this information would be worth for you:)

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