Measuring Windows Booting Speed by Windows BootRacer

How fast your Windows PC or laptop in booting until it reached “ready to use” position? Let’s do a simulation. Click on Start Menu, select Restart, OK!

You can take your peanuts…

Taking a book… the thick one…

One chapter of Deathly Hallows passed…

let’s throw the CPU Box outside!…

Aha, that wouldn’t be that bad. But if you still curious about your PC booting speed, use this program: Windows Boot Racer!

Measuring Windows Booting Speed by Windows BootRacer

BootRacer is a freeware which made you possible to measure how much time needed by your computer to do booting. Time calculation would be stored in archive to compare your computer speed in other time.

After installing this application, if you want to do a measuring about how fast your PC booting process, then you would need to restart your computer first. BootRacer will also able to restart your PC for you.

Measuring Windows Booting Speed by Windows BootRacer

After restart procedure, then you’ll find that BootRacer do calculation which is presented on the right below of your PC. There would be a graphic in sand of time which making a calculation there. After it is finished, you can click on “See Why” to receive complete report about BootRacer calculation.

Measuring Windows Booting Speed by Windows BootRacer

As you see, BootRacer gave a detail report about your PC booting. To compare if you do several times calculation, then you can click on “Show History” button after some measurement. Surely the measurement is done after you do ‘special treatment’ to accelerate your PC booting process.

Measuring Windows Booting Speed by Windows BootRacer

From there, you can compare your booting time if you have repaired your PC. This application’s usage is, when booting time needed by your PC is too long, I’m sure it’s a serious matter in your PC, and it will need more serious handling.

You can download Windows BootRacer in:

Then if there’s a problem in PC, how we can overcome it? SOT several times discussed about application which can be used to accelerate your computer, like SimCleaner, Eusing Free Registry or Simnet Registry Defrag. Try to follow those tips, then measure your booting speed once again.

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