MobileGo: Free Android Manager software from Wondershare

Do you have Android based mobile phone? Use Wondershare MobileGo Android Manager to manage your android phone in computer. Wondershare MobileGo Android Manager is a freeware from wondershare you can use to manage data in your android phone easily and effectively. This Wondershare MobileGo Android Manager could be used to manage your android phone through computer. Things such as managing contact, music file, SMS, photo, and other applications like convert multimedia, transfer data, contact management, backup data, and other phone management applications could be got from this Wondershare MobileGo.

MobileGo: Free Android Manager software from Wondershare

What are the features of this MobileGo Android Manager?

1. Easy in transferring (export and import) contact between PC and your Android phone.
2. You can manage contact on your Android phone through PC.
3. Converting multimedia file such as music and video which could not be played in Android, so it could be played in your android phone
4. Make you easier in managing picture and photo, such as rotating, erasing, renaming, transferring, etc.
5. You can make music playlist from your computer
6. Make you easier in doing backup and restore all content of your android phone.
7. It has wide connection choices, from USB cable to WiFi
8. It has SMS management feature, so you can receive, send, and manage SMS directly using your PC.

For you who have Android phone and look for Wondershare MobileGo Android Manager software, it can be your choice. How to get it is so easy:

1. visit this site:


2. click on download button, then install Wondershare MobileGo when it has downloaded.

Download Wondershare MobileGo Android Manager

There is still unknown when this Wondershare MobileGo will be free. For you who have intention to use this Android Manager, faster you download would be better.

One thing to remember here, for now, this Wondershare MobileGo Android Manager could only be used in computer with Windows operating system included Windows XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

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