Monitoring Your Internet Bandwidth Usage with with NetWorx!

Are you curious with the amount of internet bandwidth you’ve used? NetWorx will help you to find out. Nowadays, Internet package based on Bandwidth limit has been popular by some ISP. As an example, internet subscribe with certain speed will be decreased its speed after reaching certain bandwidth usage. We often difficult to monitor how much total bandwidth we’ve used. By NetWorx, you will be able to find how much internet bandwidth you used so you can compare it with Internet Usage Fairly stated by your ISP.

Monitoring Your Internet Bandwidth Usage with with NetWorx!

NetWorx is a free software from softperfect which is useful to see your internet bandwidth usage. Not only to see the amount of bandwidth usage, NetWorx could also be used to find out your internet speed, help you to identify if there’s a problem in your internet network, also turn off your suspicious network activity in your network (such as Trojan horse activity or hacker attack).

Other feature from this NetWorx are:

1. It has clear bandwidth usage report, whether in graphic or numeric.
2. You can export your bandwidth usage to various format such as Excel, MS word and HTML.
3. It could work well whether in dial-up, ISDN, cable modem, ASDL, Ethernet cards and other connection.
4. It’s also equipped with various tools to find out about network information you used in detail.

Monitoring Your Internet Bandwidth Usage with with NetWorx!

5. It is equipped with testing tools and netstat which will show you what application used your internet connection.
6. You can configure to give notification or disconnecting internet connection automatically if it had reached certain bandwidth or level.

Monitoring Your Internet Bandwidth Usage with with NetWorx!

7. It has accurate report about average transfer speed and download time-length.
8. It gives report with detail information everytime you have done using your internet connection.
9. Equipped with tools to do ping and trace route.

For you who want to know how much your internet bandwidth usage and get other free feature facility from NetWorx, you can download NetWorx software here:

NetWorx Installer version


NetWorx Portable version

Original download page from Networkx developer site now can be opened here:

By using NetWorx, now you can find out how much the certain amount of internet bandwidth you’ve used everyday, every week, every month, and everytime length you want.

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