Monitoring your Laptop Battery Status with BatteryBar Free!

Battery is one of thing we must monitor its status when using laptop. Unfortunately, windows original application software or the laptop original software usually has minimum feature so we couldn’t find out our laptop battery condition completely. Commonly the software only display percentage of battery power left status and sometimes equipped with battery power time remaining. For you who want to have more than those feature, you can install BatteryBar, software you can use to monitor your laptop battery status and condition with more complete feature!

Monitoring your Laptop Battery Status with BatteryBar Free!

Actually BatteryBar consisted of 2 version, they are BatteryBar Free and BatteryBar Pro. Although actually this BatteryBar Pro license could be grouped as easy ($1 annually or 7$ lifetime), but what we will discuss here is BatteryBar Free you can get for free!

Monitoring your Laptop Battery Status with BatteryBar Free!

BatteryBar Free still has more complete feature than original application from windows or laptop. The features are:

1. Statistic of time remaining from laptop battery
2. Battery icon which is always displayed to show your battery status
3. Making profile recharge or discharge on your battery
4. Having feature to decide the exact time remaining from battery accurately by using previous historical battery usage.
5. Having popup window to show information detail from your laptop battery status.
6. Update automatically when BatteryBar stable version has released.

By the all six feature, certainly you can find out your laptop battery status and condition clearly. Beside, by profile discharge and recharge feature can make your laptop battery more reliable and durable.

For you who have interest to use BatteryBar Free, you can download it for free here:


After the page opened, you may download BatteryBar and I suggest you to download the stable version than Beta version.

Download BatteryBar

By using BatteryBar, you can find out and monitoring status and condition of your laptop battery when you used it. I hope this information would be useful.

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