Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Final Download Link Leaked!

Mozilla Firefox Final Released currently still on version 4.01 final. There is no any update since 2 month ago. But they’re always work hard to release Mozilla 5.0 final. After several times of beta released, it seems that mozilla will release Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Final soon. It’s evidenced by the discovery of Mozilla 5.0 installer on firefox file directory.

Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Final Download Link Leaked!

For you who want to download Mozilla Firefox 5.0 final, here is the leaked download link:


That Mozilla Firefox 5.0 installer is a pre-test installer before mozilla officially released and published it on their website. It means that there still several test and check before it released officially by mozilla.

Mozilla Firefox 5.0 has several new features, such as Multi-Select tab, New tab page, standardized toolbar support for add-ons, file upload indicator, home app tab will replace home button, in-browser preview for files (PDF, MP3, etc), indentity manager and taskbar web apps.

Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Final also make you easier to access social media account like Facebook and Twitter. Let’s see how great is it if compared with Rockmelt: Chrome based browser for Social Network Lover :)

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