Multiple Pane Browsing Made Easy by SlickScreen

If you have large screen resolution with more than 15″ monitor and modern PC with a quite high graphic performance, you could use SlickScreen to make your browsing experience better. Have a large screen is great but something it’s useless since there are too many “waste space” on your screen when you browsing on internet. SlickScreen will resolve those problems by letting you to use every bit of your screen.

SlickScreen let you to have multiple pane on your single screen when you browsing the internet. it’s not only divide your screen to multiple pane but it also let you to interact between each pane. You can drag, drop, copy, paste, resize, rearrange them and do other pane interactions. You can enjoy multiple pane browsing experience without losing your productivity.

Multiple Pane Browsing Made Easy by SlickScreen

There are 6 different pane layouts you could choose and you can also create your custom layout based on your needs. SlickScreen is suitable for you who need a higher productivity and need to save time when doing copy/paste task or doing comparisons of something online.

SlickScreen works with most of your regular browser. It works great in windows XP, vista and 7. BUT you need to have a high performance PC and a large screen resolutions to make it works very smoothly. The bad of this software is only it take a lot of your computer resource if you use it on a low spec computer.

For you who interested to know how SlickScreen actually works, simply watch this video below:

You can download SlickScreen from its homepage here:


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