Note your Bunch of activities in Pnotes 9

For you who’re working and do a bunch of activities, probably you’ll feel difficulties in memorizing everything. Not just office activities, even you have to do household work. Moreover other small things like close relatives’ birthday or important people’s phone numbers.

Can you imagine how full your office desk or refrigerator door would be if you have to write all of your activity on a sticky notes. If you experienced this kind of problem everyday, SOT can give solution for your problem.

Note your Bunch of activities in Pnotes 9

Now you don’t have to spend a lot of paper nor messing your office desk with sticky notes, since SOT will give you a practical application to note your bunch of activities.

Pnotes 9 or popularly known as Pin Notes is an application you can use to leave message in your desktop screen. This application is available in installation or portable, and there are new features in this version 9. in default, language used by this application is English, but it’s possible for you to install other languages.

There are new feature you can use to group some of your related activities. Not just that, you can also change the skin and give colors for group. There’s also text-to-speech option you can use to create a note and reminder which can sound in a loud voice to remind you. You can also set the speed, pitch and volume.

Note your Bunch of activities in Pnotes 9

There’s also silence option if you don’t want to activate the reminder’s alarm. This application is so easy to be used, even when you’re in a hurry such as hang up a phone and note it, or when you’re thinking and you want to note it. This Pnote can be the solution. You can also create list, whether for shop or other lists.

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You can also use similar application for your time management, for example: WasteNoTime, Scirocco atau Time Task.

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