nSpaces: Increase Productivity with nSpaces Virtual Desktops Software

As a tech blogger, I often open a lot of applications at a time. Notepad, browsers, paint, tested software, Windows explorer, screenshot capturer, camtasia, and others. This sometimes messed me up, make me difficult to switch from one application to another. I need a software that could help me to manage the opened applications into several categories. I decide to install a virtual desktop software on my Windows PC. After I am looking for several virtual desktop software, I choose to use nSpaces.

nSpaces: Increase Productivity with nSpaces Virtual Desktops Software

nSpaces is a free virtual desktop software created by Bytesignals. It allows users to create multiple desktops on their computer. Users can open different applications on each separate virtual desktop to improve their productivity. They even can protect each virtual desktop with a unique password.

nSpaces Virtual Desktop Download Link

After it’s installed, the nSpaces icon was located at the taskbar. Right-click the nSpaces icon and there will several menus appeared (Switcher, nSpaces, Settings, and Help). Through those menus, you can customize and settings the nSpaces virtual desktop.

Right-click the nSpaces icon and there will several menus appeared

To add more virtual desktops or customize the current virtual desktops, right-click the nSpaces icon on the taskbar and select nSpaces. Click on (+) and () button to increase and decrease the number of virtual desktops. In this settings tab, you can set the virtual desktop’s label, wallpaper, color, apps, and HotKey.

add more virtual desktops

To switch from one virtual desktop to another virtual desktop, simply press WIN+S to open the virtual desktop switcher.

virtual desktop switcher

nSpaces Virtual Desktop Pros:

1. nSpaces allows users to set a unique label, wallpaper, color, apps, and HotKey on each virtual desktop.

2. Users can create “unlimited” virtual desktops on their PC. They can add more rows and columns through the nSpaces tab.

nSpaces Virtual Desktop Cons:

1. When I installed this software on my Windows 7 PC, Windows noticed me that “This program might not have installed correctly”. However, clicking “Reinstall using recommended settings” will solve this issue.

2. Installing this software required you to connect with the internet, because it will download required files (about 182 kb in size) during the installation progress.

Have another favorite virtual desktop software? If so, you can share your experience. If not, nSpaces could be a good choice to create virtual desktops on your Windows computer.

There are other free alternatives virtual desktop software such as Finestra Virtual Desktop and Dexpot Virtual Desktop.

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