Once again playing Secret Message by Hide n Send

Previously I have reviewed BurnNote application and application to hide a secret message in image file. Here is one other application which is able to hide file into an image file so you can send message to your friends secretly (surely your friend has to have the same application too). The application I discuss here is Hide n Send. To play this ‘hidden message’ game, you need to download Hide n Send application first.


This application doesn’t need to be installed, so you can easily bring it everywhere. Hide n Send has many encryption algorithm, so there would be many variations to hide your message.

To hide your file, you just have to click on your Hide tab. You’ll get application page as:

Playing Secret Message by Hide n Send

In image part, you can put the image you’ll use as disguise for your secret file. Meanwhile, in concealed file part, you can put your file. But remember, the image file should be larger than text or document file you want to be hidden.

After managed the setting and click on hide, your file will be hidden automatically into image file you made as ‘host’ or put a document file in. You will have to put a password to assure the confidential of file you will send.

To open it, the file receiver will only need to open the same application, then click on Extract tab.

Playing Secret Message by Hide n Send 2

The receiver will only need to put image which contained the secret document. When you click on extract, this application will ask the password to open the image. So, make sure there already a password you have agreed with the file receiver to open secret document you hide there.

Exciting, isn’t it? Password facility given by this application guarantee your confidential in sending message. So, you will have layered security for your message.

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