Opening Many Windows Explorer Far Easier Using Tab Explorer

You’d probably bored when opening Windows Explorer which its opening system demanded you to open new windows continuously, which would make you pile explorer up to make you easier in operating Windows. You need to refresh yourself by Tab system in Windows Explorer. By tab system, you can open so many Windows Explorer as easy as opening many tabs in browser.

Along this time, there are so many third party application which made you possible to create explorer with tab to do navigation in your file and folder. The benefit of having multi-tab explorer is to make copy paste easier, also do browsing to various folders easily, it also makes you possible to copy folder content from one tab to another tab easily.

If you’re interesting to have Windows Explorer with tab appearance, then you can use TabExplorer. This is an application for Windows, which added tab in your explorer and continuously change your new-opened explorer window into connected tab. This application can be run in Windows startup, so you’ll be able to open it anytime.

You can download TabExplorer from here:

First time entering installation procedure, then TabExplorer will offer setup type which suits your preference. You just have to tick on option you like.

Opening Many Windows Explorer far easier Using Tab Explorer


Afterit is installed, everytime you opened new Explorer Window, then the Explorer Window will be connected in tab form on the next Explorer window you’ve opened. Or you can also open new tab by clicking the most-right side of tab, just like in general browser.

Opening Many Windows Explorer Far Easier Using Tab Explorer


You can move intra tab fast by clicking on arrow sign on the left side of colorful tab from your Explorer. There would be options which made you possible to move quickly. It would be useful if you opened Explorer in mass amount, so you have difficulties in reading the tab title, because of they had piled up.

Opening Many Windows Explorer Far Easier Using Tab Explorer

Right-click on the opened tab will give tab operational option. You can open new tab, close the tab, or open tab which once you’ve opened, but you closed it.

Opening Many Windows Explorer Far Easier Using Tab Explorer

How about that? Refreshing isn’t it? If you often operate so many explorer when using PC or laptop, then this small application surely will help you much in operating it! For fresher look, you can colorize your computer folders so that it would be similar with Rainbow Cake by Folder Colorizer effects.

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