Opera 11.10 has been released, what are its new features??

The latest Opera, that is Opera 11.10 has been released on previous April 12th 2011. there are so many people download this latest version opera, but not many people know and use its new mainstay features. What are the latest feature in this Opera 11.10? Let’s see deeper!

Opera 11.10 has been released, what are its new features??

Previously, seeing new feature in Opera 11.10, for you who haven’t downloaded and installed it, you can download Opera 11.10 browser for free here:



For you who has installed it, let’s try together, what are new mainstay feature in this Opera 11.10:

1. Tab Stacking

Tab Stacking is a new feature where you can collect many tab in a tab. It would ease you who like to open many tabs and collect them according certain category, such as news, you collected in 1 tab and social network you also collected in 1 tab alone. How does it work?

Thing you need to do is just open site you wanted through tabs just as usual. To collect those tabs, just drag the tab you want and drop it into tab you want to collect.

Tab Stacking feature on Opera 11.10

And voilaa… those tabs would be gathered into one! Just try to hover your mouse on the tab, so you can choose to open whatever tab you want to open.

Tab Stacking feature on Opera 11.10

To release the tab collection, you just have to drag the tab you want to release, and put in empty part tab. Or you can also click on arrow sign on the right side of tab collection to release all tabs from its group.

Tab Stacking feature on Opera 11.10

This feature would be useful for you who get used to open many tabs at once. It’s very useful than you have to open tab in a row from the left to right with many amount.

2. Mouse Gesture

This function to make you easier in controlling browser fast using mouse movement. It’s very easy. Just drag and press the right-button of your mouse on browser to find out all mouse gesture order you can use

Mouse Gesture feature on Opera 11.10

The example is to give back command to browser, just click on and hold right button of the mouse, then move the mouse into left side. To give next command, do the same thing, but move the mouse on the right. If you get used to use this mouse gesture, you’ll feel comfortable and you can use it quickly.

3. Support Extensions.

If Mozilla Firefox is supported by add on, this Opera 11.10 is also supported by Extensions. There are so many attractive and useful extension you can download for free in extension page from Opera.

Opera 11.10 supported by extensions

extensions page of opera could be opened here:


4. Just as its previous version, Opera 11.10 is still equipped with Opera Turbo you can use to fasten your browsing process through various data compression.

Opera turbo Feature on Opera 11.10

This feature is important when you use slow connection (public WiFi, etc). This can be used to reduce cost if you using internet connection with volume based cost.

5. It’s still equipped with Speed Dial, but now the Speed Dial from Opera 11.10 has higher flexibility. You can change background from opera speed dial easily through provided configuration menu.

Configurable Speed Dial Feature on Opera 11.10

6. It’s equipped with Opera Link to synchronize personalization data opera such as speed dial, bookmark, notes, and other data like opera browser in your computer, opera browser in your devices (Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, etc). This feature is existed since some previous Opera version.

7. It has Password Manager

Password Manager Feature on Opera 11.10

Just like other browser, password manager opera is useful to make you easier in filling your username and password. You just have to store the password and username first time you accessed website. And the next, Opera will automatically fill it for you. But I suggest you to use password manager software such as KeePass password Safe or Sticky Password Manager than using original password manager from Browser. Beside it’s safer, it also has more flexible control.

8. It has flexible zooming feature.

Zooming Feature on Opera 11.10

9. it’s supported by opera unite feature

Opera 11.10 Supported by Opera Unite

Opera Unite is a free feature from opera which made you possible to share content such as photo, video, music, file and folder without uploading first in online storage. Various application of this Opera Unite could be downloaded for free here:


10. It has many skins to modify your opera browser appearance.

Opera 11.10 Skins

The Skin can be downloaded for free here:


Other features are almost the same with previous opera feature, just some of them has improvement and optimization. For you who has downloaded and installed Opera 11.10, please try various browser feature of opera 11.10 above. Enjoy trying.

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