Opera 12 Alpha or popularly known as Opera Next Has Been Released

Opera 12 Alpha also known as Opera Next, has appeared in internet and ready to be downloaded. In this latest version, Opera Software team worked to integrate HTML5 render machine, repairing navigation board, also add some hardware acceleration totally to process web page.

Opera 12 Alpha or popularly known as Opera Next Has Been Released

For now, acceleration through this hardware is supported and only run through OpenGL. However, Opera also planned to support DirectX when its beta version has been existed. So, there expected more graphic card can be used to develop this render process speed.

Since it’s still on Alpha version, Opera 12 is predicted containing various bugs. Besides, it’s possible that support to graphic card used also not available yet. That’s why user can do configuration on this through ‘opera:gpu’ command in this browser address board.

For you who have interest to try Opera 12 Alpha or Opera Next, you can download them here.


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