Optimizing Hard Disk Performance with IObit Smart Defrag 2

Low computer performance caused by various factors. One of them is fragmented file in your hard disk which caused the access to the file got slower. Fragmented disk certainly made your computer system slower and unstable! That’s why you have to defrag your hard disk regularly using Disk Defragmenter Software.

Optimizing Hard Disk Performance with IObit Smart Defrag 2

Optimizing Hard Disk Performance with IObit Smart Defrag 2

There are so many disk defragmenter software, from free to paid software. Even Windows itself has internal disk defragmenter you could use. The question is: how fast and how efficient the software in defrag your hard disk?

From various disk defragmenter software existed, Smart Defrag 2 from IObit is worth to be used as your main defragmenter. Smart Defrag 2 offers high speed and efficiency when defragmenting your hard drive. Smart Defrag 2 could be set to work in background, keep your hard disk always work on optimum performance.


Main feature of Smart Defrag 2 are:

1. Equipped with high speed and efficiency in defragmenting your hard disk.

2. Able to put file you access often in the fastest part of your hard disk, which increasing your hard disk performance in its optimum condition.

3. It has Automatic Defragment feature which worked in background on your PC. Keep your hard drive free from continuous fragment.

Automatic Defrag Feature in Smart Defrag 2

4. It has Boot Time Defrag feature to defrag file when boot system running.

Boot Time Defrag Feature in Smart Defrag 2

5. Automatic Defragmenting from Smart Defrag 2 is not similar with other automatic defragmenter which analyzing and defragmenting continuously on your hard disk so it caused destruction and shorten your hard disk life. Smart Defrag 2 has special technology to keep your hard disk free from fragmentation but still keeping your hard disk durability.

6. You could schedule when you will defragment your hard disk as the time you wanted.

Defrag Schedule Feature in Smart Defrag 2

7. Smart Defrag 2 has small size, only 3.28 Mb. It is light and doesn’t waste your resource

8. Free and easy to use.

This Smart Defrag 2 could be use in computer with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating system whether 32 bit or 64 bit edition.


Steps to download and install Smart Defrag 2 are:

1. Visit this site:



2. Click on “Free Download” button

Click on Free Download Button to Download Smart Defrag 2

3. Click on “Download Now” button

Click on Download Now Button to Download Smart Defrag 2

4. Double click on Smart Defrag 2 (sd2setup.exe) Installer

Double Click the Installer to Install Smart Defrag 2

5. Click on Next

Click on Next to Install Smart Defrag 2

6. Select I Accept the Agreements and click on next several times until the installation process completed.

Select I Accept and Click on Next several times to Install Smart Defrag 2


My Review about Smart Defrag 2


It has interesting appearance and also easy to operate. Its defrag process speed also faster than the other free disk defragmenter.


There are only two skins choices, white and black.

Final Verdict:

Recommended! For you who wanted your hard disk performance secure, installing Smart Defrag 2 could be the right solution for you. My rate for Smart Defrag 2 is 8 from 10.

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