Organize Your Windows 7 Taskbar with Bins Taskbar Organizer!

Have you ever imagine how messed your windows 7 taskbar when you open a lot of programs, explorer, or any task on your windows? It will be very hard to open each task because it will be grouped each other and we don’t have any control to them. There will a lot of clutter on your windows taksbar! Luckily, now there is a software to organize your taskbar and it can downloaded for free!

This taskbar organizer software for windows 7 called BINS. BINS is a software developed by 1-up industries, the same developer who create popular ObjectDock and DellDock software. It can smartly organized your taskbar by combine related programs on your windows 7 taskbar into “Bins”. Browsers will grouped on the same “Bins”, Microsoft Office also grouped on the same “Bins”, and other software also will grouped on the same “Bins” with other related software. Take a look at this screenshot below to know how this software works:

Organize Your Windows 7 Taskbar with Bins Taksbar Organizer

BINS is very easy to do. You can grouped and ungrouped any taskbar by simply drag and drop it only. To create “Bins” and grouped several taskbar together, simplu drag one taskbar icon on top of another and then dropping into the popup that appears. To ungroup it, just drag and drop again to the taskbar. It’s fast, simple and easy.

When your mouse over on the Bins, all grouped icons will appear so you can open each icon easily. Not only task and programs, BINS also allow you to pin any file or folder you want to your taskbar natively.

BINS now still in beta version and you can download it for free here:


Unfortunately, BINS always be free as long as it’s on beta version. Once its released to final version, there will be a small charge for it. I don’t know how much 1-Up industries will charge for every BINS license but I hope it’s not too expensive since this software was really cool!

Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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    Come on man, now it’s at $4.99, not free anymore…. -_-. Did Bins + Key available?

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    now it’s need $4.99, not free anymore….who can give  Bins + unlock code? 

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    codigo para liberar 

  • We need some unlock keys now.

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    I read that not run fine… I want try it before to buy it, but isn’t possible…

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    It now costs apprx $6.00

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