PickPick : Free Image Editor Software (Review)

If you search for a picture editorial software for free, Pickpick is one of a good software to try. Pickpick is an Image Editor software with complete features that you can use it for making and editing picture easily.

Pickpick has most features needed by Image editor, starts from Screen Capture tool, image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protactor, crosshair, to whiteboard. Those features are more than enough fo a software image editor. For further detail, here I explain those features:

PickPick : Free Image Editor Software

PickPick : Free Image Editor Software

1. Screen Capture Tool

This feature is to take screenshot from layout of your computer desktop. Pickpick screen capture tool has some features; they are auto-scroll, dual monitor, dan support sound effect. Use of screenshot is very easy and it can be from some opsions such as : Full Screen, Active Window, Window Control, Scrolling Window, Region, Fixed Region, Freehand and Repeat Last Capture.

2. Color Picker and Color Pallete

This feature is a basic of an image editor where you can pick and save colors that you prefer from the available color palette. Color code supported by pickpick color palette is RGB, HTML, C++, and Delphi. PickPick Color Palette also supports RGB/HSV photoshop style.

3. Screen Pixel Ruler

You can measure accurately the size of picture that you are editing with pixel measurement.

4. Screen Magnifier

This feature allows you to lengthen picture size that you are editing 10 times. Sizeable window and smooth display will make you easier to edit small size picture.

5. Screen Protactor

By This feature, you can figure out inclination degree of the picture on your desktop, so when you are going to make a picture with certain degree inclination, you can make it for sure.

6. Screen Crosshair

You can figure out the relative coordinate of picture position with this feature. You can also use it to harmonize the picture position.

7. White Board

By this feature, you can have virtual whiteboard on your desktop. You can use it for presentation or drawing something on your desktop.


Steps to download and install PickPick

1. Visit the page of PickPick:



2. Click on link “Download Installation Package”

Download PickPick Image Editor

3. Double click on PickPick installer (pickpick_inst.exe)

Double Click the Installer to install PickPick Image Editor

4. Click on Next then click on Install

Click next to install PickPick Image Editor

Click on Install to install PickPick Image Editor

5. Click on Finish

Click on Finish

Having finished installing PickPick Image Editor, you can start using it and enjoy all available features.


My review about PickPick Image Editor


It has many additional features such as Screen Crosshair and Screen Protactor that other image editor sometimes do not have them . Though those features are not used so often for edit image standard but they help to edit pictures so that the pictures look very accurate.


Pickpick doesn’t have watermark feature on its image editor or on its screen capture. Actually, this watermark feature is necessary for image editor software.

Final verdict:

Recommended to Install! My rating for PickPick Image Editor is 9 from 10.

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