PicPick Image Editor Version 3.03 has been released!

Previously I’ve been discussing about powerful image editor software you can get for free: PicPick. An image editor software equipped with Screen Capture, Color Picker, Color Pallete, Pixel rule, Whiteboard and other useful feature, just have updated into version 3.03.

PicPick Image Editor Version 3.03 has been released!

For you who have no idea what is PicPick, you can read my complete review about PicPick Software in my previous article titled: “PicPick: Free Image Editor Software “.

In this version 3.03, PicPick has held some repairing and feature progress, such as:

1. ability increasing from Windows Control Capture feature
2. There given Delay feature before Capture taking
3. Ability increasing from Upload to Web feature
4. bugs Repair in Print Preview feature
5. Update some language supported by PicPick.
6. Also some other bugs repairing that has known

For you who used old version of PicPick (3.02), you can download its update for free here:



Download PicPick Image Editor Version 3.03

After the page open, just click on “Download Installation Package (from Server 1)” link

For installation of PicPick Image Editor, you can read in my previous article titled “PicPick: Free Image Editor Software

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