Prettify Dock Mac OS Display with Docker

All of Mac user surely know that is not easy to change Mac display in radical way. Apple didn’t give default tool which makes you possible to change dock also other OS areas. However, if you have the correct tool, changing Dock Mac OS is not quite difficult. Today SOT will review an application for Mac OS which can be used to prettify your Doc Mack.

By Docker, you can change Dock display in Leopard, Snow Leopard, also Mac Lion. You can modify the style and colors too!

Docker can be downloaded for free here:

Prettify Dock Mac OS Display with Docker

Prettify Dock Mac OS Display with Docker

First time opening this application, you’ll find the main feature, which are: style and color modification of Dock Mac OS. In those menus, you can do modification, started from dock size, animation 2D or 3D style, even inserting the picture you’ve made yourself.

If you’re too busy to modify your Dock Mac display yourself, you can use ready-to-use Dock style in this LeopardDocks site:

Now you can refresh your Mac display to avoid boredom. Commonly, small thing like this able to improve your productivity when working in front of Mac OS.

If you’re a Windows user, you can use RocketDock to add Dock or sweet launcher in Windows you have. Prettify the Dock Mac OS display with Docker.

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