Prevent Your Computer From Standby, Hibernate, Shutdown With Don’t Sleep 2.28!

This is maybe strange, when people now focus on how to automatically turn of monitor, standby, hibernate or shutdown computer, this software doing the reverse. Don’t sleep 2.28 prevent your computer from turn off its monitor, standby, hibernate, and even shutdown! How important is this??

On my first time I found this software, I’m as confused as you are. Why do we need a software like this? Why we prevent our computer from standby, hibernation, shutdown, and turn off its monitor?? But after I used this software, finally I realized its functions and its advantages:

1. There are few software when run in windows 7 or windows vista can’t stop the computer to standby or hibernate, even this software still running and still on used. For example, you’re download big files and decide to leave your computer until download process completed. When you’re back to your computer..your computer has been standby and the download process interupted. That’s bad!

2. Some players can’t stop the computer’s monitor turn off even while you still watching movies on your computer. That’s also bad!

And there still other reasons which make you need to block your computer from standby, hibernate, and shutdown.

Yes it’s right that you could change your power saver settings to avoid those bad things happen, but Don’t Sleep 2.28 will make you easier without need to change any setting on your windows system.

Don’t Sleep 2.28 is a simple portable software which could prevent your computer from shutdown, standby, turn off, restart and hibernate. It also prevent your computer to logged off and prevent your monitor turn off.

You can disable and enable blocking feature with a single click. There’s also timer to disable blocking automatically. Take a look at this screenshot of Don’t Sleep 2.28 below:

Prevent Your Computer From Standby, Hibernate, Shutdown With Don't Sleep 2.28

If you’re interested with Don’t Sleep 2.28, you could download it for free from this link below:


Download Don't Sleep 2.28

After you download Don’t Sleep 2.28, you can executed it instantly without installation. This is a super small useful software which only has 36 kb in size.

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