Preventing Malware Attack by Using Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection!

Are you one of people who love to download from internet whether in video file, image, or document? And don’t you worry about malware which probably attached on the file you’ve downloaded? Most antivirus program you have only able to identify and stop malware which already recognized by their database. But what if there’s a new malware they haven’t found?

Don’t worry, because SOT will give you new security for your downloaded files. This Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection is a program which function similar like filter. Not like others in this CAEP, there’s no scanning process, no signature, or virus database.

Preventing Malware Attack by Using Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection!

Just like filter, this program will filter or prevent malware brought to your downloaded file. When you started to download, automatically this CAEP will block the file. After that, Connection Monitor will give you notification whether you allow the file to be downloaded or not.

If you don’t allow it, the file won’t run and you can avoid malware which can threat the system in your CPU.

By its memory monitor this program is able to reduce exploits amount. COM/Active X Monitor can be more standard to filter Active X components per application whether via black or white. But still, there’s a weakness of this CAEP, which is, this program can only monitor 32 bit only (64 bit in Windows)

There’s other problem too when you use this CAEP, when you opened Microsoft Outlook application with CAEP it will create crash. But only with one click, you can end it, but it would be still a disturbance and you should repeat it again.

Download Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection

It’s quite easy to protect your computer to secure your computer from evil malware, isn’t it? You can also read other article to save your PC from evil malware such as in Best Antivirus 2012 List, Norman Antivirus, or AVG Antivirus.

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