Protect WiFi Network From Intruder by SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

Distribution of internet connection recently has developed rapidly. It’s surely no wonder while you meet many spot which can be reached and has internet signal availability in WiFi basis.

By the support of software technology , to create a WiFi network is not a difficult thing to do. Moreover if the network only assigned for small scale like boarding house or dormitory. You can easily create WiFi network by using the help of available software in internet, whether they are distributed for free or paid.

Protect WiFi network From Intruder by SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

This time, SOT wouldn’t discuss about how to build WiFi Network using software, this time SOT will discuss about how to secure WiFi network available by the support of software.

There’s a software named SoftPerfect WiFi Guard, which is a tool made you possible to protect and secure your WiFi network from intruder and people who want to use your WiFi access without your permission.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is made and designed for you who want to run a WiFi network in a small scale and feel secure.
In order to have SoftPerfect WiFi Guard for free, you can download via this link:


Download SoftPerfect WiFi Guard:

Protect WiFi network From Intruder by SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

After you download and install this tool, run the program directly and automatically, in the beginning this tool will display some important information about your WiFi Network , also user connected in Your own WiFi network.

Protect WiFi network From Intruder by SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

Besides, by using this tool, you can also do scanning process to your WiFi in certain time interval and via the scanning, surely you can find out whether any unknown person or intruder in your WiFi network. In addition of available for free, this tool is also available and can be used almost in all existed Operating system which is common recently like Windows, Linux and Mac. So, for you who run WiFi from house in small scale, it’s nothing wrong if you trying to secure your own WiFi network by using SoftPerfect WiFi Guard.

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