Q-Dir: Software to Manage File Easy and Fast!

Managing file using windows explorer sometimes tired us. Moreover if there are so many file we should manage. It happened since there’s only 1 tab windows explorer in 1 window. So when we want to copy, edit, exchange file and so on to other location, we should open other windows explorer in new window.

Q-Dir: Software to Manage File Easy and Fast!

Luckily there is a free Q-Dir software. Q-Dir is a file management software based on windows explorer, but it has 4 tabs at once in one window. Not only four tabs at once, Q-Dir also has various function which windows explorer didn’t have it
Some features from Q-Dir are:

1. Make you faster in accessing file or what you access often.
2. It has Drag and drop feature to move file
3. You can do copy paste between Q-Dir directory views and other programs just like MS Explorer.
4. It has popup menu access to desktop and my computer.
5. You can manage Q-Dir display size on screen.
6. You can give different color for each file type. (the example is blue color for.exe, red for .txt, etc)
7. It has highlight filter feature to make you easier in searching and choosing files
8. It has filter file feature to choose file easier.
9. It made you easier in accessing file and folder faster.
10. It has tree-view feature whether single or quadruple.
11. It is equipped with preview of all file you’ve accessed.
12. Q-Dir is a portable software you don’t need to install
13. It has various feature which didn’t owe by windows explorer such as faster edit, file association, setting transfer, folder size column, printing etc

Q-Dir: Software to Manage File Easy and Fast!

For you who want to download Q-Dir, you can get it for free here:



When the page has opened, you can download Q-Dir version you wanted.

Download Q-Dir

By Q-Dir, you can manage file and folder in your windows computer faster and easier. Good luck:)

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