Reading and Accessing e-Comic Easier Using ComicSeer

Do you have hobby to collect comic and manga? You won’t aware this type of file will spend spaces in your hard drive. To overcome it, you probably could compress your comic collection by using ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR formats. But, new difficulty arose. When you want to read it, you should open the file first, then accessing page to page. It’s not practical, isn’t it?

But now, there’s available Comic Seer application! This application makes you possible to read comic directly in compression (ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR) format in feasible and attractive viewer. The application also supports Windows and Linux platform.

First of all, you can download this application in:

Reading and Accessing e-Comic easier Using ComicSeer

Reading and Accessing e-Comic easier Using ComicSeer

After installation, you’ll be welcome by interface divided into three segments. Left sidebar consisted of collection management and preview panels. You can add or put aside your collection by using ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button. Main Workspace is used to access comic with zoom slider which supported to 4 times zoom, page layout, also browsing panel.

Reading and Accessing e-Comic easier Using ComicSeer

Comic Seer also supports hotkeys usage with Key & Mouse Commands basis which its list can be read in welcome screen. These Hotkeys surely make you easier in using this application.

Reading and Accessing e-Comic easier Using ComicSeer

If you don’t like the interface, you can click on Options in toolbar to change the page, background, and other setting appearance.

This application is seemed simple, but if you used its facilities, you’ll feel that all of them enough to read e-comic comfortably.

One advantage of this application is, able to read comics in ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR format, so you can save storage room in your hard drive by compressing all your manga and comic files, then if you missed them, you’ll just have to read it by this application. In addition of Comic Seer, you can also use Calibre Ebook Management which previously discussed by SOT.

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