RedCrab : Scientific Calculator Software with Complete Feature!

Calculator is a calculating tool we often needed, even when we worked in front of our computer, we still need this calculator software. Unfortunately, calculator software in computer commonly inflexible and didn’t provide complete feature. Such as calculator software from Microsoft Windows. The software made by general feature which is far from expectation.

RedCrab : Scientific Calculator Software with Complete Feature!

Actually there is still free calculator software made by Microsoft with more complete feature, that is Microsoft Mathematics. But there is other calculator software with more complete and flexible features. This software is RedCrab!

RedCrab is a free scientific calculator equipped with full screen formula editor. This Software is quite different from general calculator software since by using RedCrab, you can insert mathematic expression on window editor designed very similar with paper sheet! It certainly far difference since other calculator software could only insert mathematic order only through command line.

RedCrab : Software Kalkulator Scientific Berfitur Lengkap!

RedCrab : Scientific Calculator Software with Complete Feature!

RedCrab : Scientific Calculator Software with Complete Feature!

This RedCrab Scientific Calculator could be used to insert complex algebra equation such as fraction, root, exponent, etc. When you put a math expression, you can do copy, paste, and edit just like on common typewriter.

RedCrab Scientific Calculator made you possible to store, edit and print formula equation, although the calculation you’ve already done in word processing program. This RedCrab is so flexible, it’s able to import picture and text to describe complex calculation process.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t found free scientific calculator software with complete feature similar with RedCrab Scientific Calculator. For you who want to owe this RedCrab Scientific Calculator, just download for free here:


RedCrab Scientific Calculator is a portable calculator software which didn’t need installation to use it. You just have to extract and double click on its application. So RedCrab Scientific Calculator will be ready to use. Inside its installer folder, there also provided its guide in User Manual and demo. Enjoy trying:)

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