Repair your Audio File Tag Using MP3 Tag!

For you who have hobby collecting mp3 audio file from download everywhere, you probably once in a situation where your mp3 files’ tags messed up, so it doesn’t display the artist name, song title, and other data when you play it in Winamp.

In fact, Winamp has prepared facility which made you possible to fix tag from songs you played. However, this tool sometimes need time to find correct tag from your mp3 file. Moreover if you try to fix many tags from your mp3 collections. To overcome such situations, SOT offered alternative by using MP3 Tag!

Repair your Audio File Tag Using MP3 Tag!

MP3 Tag is a software which can easily edit metadata from general audio format support ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA, Vorbis Comments and APE Tags. This Software is able to rename file according to information from tag, changing character or word in tag also filename, export/import tag information, creating playlist, and many more.

Mp3tag is supported by online database from Amazon, discogs, or freedb, makes you automatically got tag which is suitable, also cover art for your music collection!

Interface from MP3 Tag is quite simple just like what presented here. The main features are arranged into bars on upper part.

Repair your Audio File Tag Using MP3 Tag!

You can add song file you want to fix the tags by click on tab File > open, or clicking on icon “+” on upper bar.

Repair your Audio File Tag Using MP3 Tag!

After your song collections loaded in MP3 Tag interface, then you can change it directly as the options given, for example: Filename – Tag, Tag – Filename, Tag – Tag, etc.

Repair your Audio File Tag Using MP3 Tag!

You can try MP3 Tag by downloading it from:

MP3 Tag is quite reliable software to fix tag in your MP3 file. But SOT here found weakness that sometimes MP3 Tag wrong tagging your audio file. So if you have just used this software, try to check the tags in your files.

If your tags are correct, the other advantage is, music file you play can also be read well if you using scrobble software for – which means will note your music collections you listened completely!

After your audio file tag fixed, then you can play it in various music players like Foobar2000, Espera, Tomahawk, or other favorite audio player software.

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