RockMelt: Chrome Based Browser for social network lover

For you who addicted to join social network in internet, whether it is facebook, twitter, or the other social network, try to install RockMelt! RockMelt is an internet browser based on Google Chrome which specially designed for social network lover like you.

RockMelt: Chrome Based Browser for social network lover

RockMelt: Chrome Based Browser for social network lover

Just like the other browser, RockMelt could be used for browsing in internet, the difference is, RockMelt browser has integrated with various social network to make you easier in interacting with your friends at those social networks.

Somethings would made RockMelt fit for social network lover are:

1. in left sidebar, connected diretly with online facebook friend.

connected diretly with online facebook friend

2. in left sidebar, when you choose one friend, you could see his/her recent activity, also chat directly with that friend.

Connected with friend's Recent Activities and Direct Chat

3. in left sidebar, if you click on your account, you could update status whether on your twitter or your facebook.

Update tweet and facebook status directly from sidebar browser

4. in right sidebar, you could connect directly with your twitter account and facebook. Seeing your twitter timeline, also seeing your facebook notification.

Facebook notification and Twitter Timeline Integrated with RockMelt browser

5. You’ll get notification when there is an update whether in your facebook or your twitter.

Twitter and Facebook Update Notification Popup

6. You could share a link which you visiting directly whether on twitter or facebook.

Share link and Url to your social networks account directly from RockMelt Browser

There also so many features that made you easier to do social networking.
for you who want to know how its features and appearance when in use, please see the video from RockMelt developer below:


Downloading and installing RockMelt Browser:

1. Make sure you connect the internet when installing this RockMelt Browser.

2. visit this site:


3. click on “Download RockMelt for Windows” button

Download RockMelt Browser

4. Double click on RockMeltSetup.exe

Double Click RockMeltSetup.exe to install RockMelt Browser

5. Wait until the download process and installation finished.

Wait the Download and Install process until finished

6. enter your Facebook username and password, then click on “Login”

Fill your facebook username and password then click Login to connect your RockMelt browser with your facebook account

7. Click on Allow, if there is an order or error import data from Mozilla, click on Skip Import

Click on Allow button to install RockMelt Browser

8. RockMelt browser has installed successfully in your computer. Enjoy this social network browser!


My Review about RockMelt Browser:


1. make us easier to connect all time with social networks, especially facebook and twitter.

2. Interesting appearance and easy feature, also not confusing.

By browser direct connection to several social network, it took bandwidth which made you lost your browsing speed and also waste bandwidth usage.

Final Verdict:

Recommended to install! For you who love to join social network, I suggest you to use RockMelt as your browser! My rating for RockMelt is 9 from 10!

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