Running Multi OS with VMware Player

If you wanted to make virtual machine in your computer, you need virtualiation software. One of the virtualization software you can get for free is VMware Player.
With VMware player you can run some operating system and made virtual machine in your computer easily.

Running Multi OS with VMware Player

What you can get by making virtual machine in your computer?

1. You can install many operating system in 1 computer.

With many choice on operating system, you can install many operating system at once in 1 computer, whether just trying or another function. You can install Windows 7, Chrome OS, latest Linux and so on. Right for you who love to tray the latest operating system before install it in your computer

2. You can make isolated computer system

By making isolated virtual machine, you can try various new software without worrying about the computer main system. There are so many freeware and software which sometimes we couldn’t find out its security. By installed them in Virtual Machine first, you can protect your main system from breaking

3. You can run virtual copy from your old computer.

If you have an old computer, you can do backup and run its virtual copy from your new computer, so you can store your old computer.

4. You can make virtual machine with various specification started from 32 bit to 64 bit and various operating system. All you can use them for your computer.

With such huge benefit, it’s worth to try VMware player as virtualization software in your computer. VMware could be used to install various operating system and make many virtual machine at once without any driver needs. All can be done fast and easy.
For you who has interest to install this VMware, you can download it for free here:


Download VMware

After the page open, just click on download and VMware Player will be downloaded and ready to be installed.

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