Running Multiple OS Virtually Using VirtualBox

If you want to run multiple OS on your computer virtually, I suggest you to use VirtualBox. VirtualBox is one of the most popular virtualization software which you can download for free. It’s a powerfull Open Source Software to run multiple OS on your single OS computer.

Using VirtualBox, you can install dozens of operating system on your computer virtually. It supports a lot of operating system including all of Windows OS, Linux OS, Solaris, Mac OS X, Unices and others operating systems.

Running Multiple OS Virtually Using VirtualBox

With VirtualBox, you can create virtual machine on your computer with different operating system easily. Create virtual machine is useful for you if:

1. You want to test software before you install it on your actual machine.

2. You want to try or learn new operating system without need to change your actual operating system.

3. You want to run suspicious software on apps which may be dangerous if you run it directly on your actual machine.

4. You want to install software which not support your computer OS.

You could run VirtualBox on Windows, Linux, Machintosh and Solaris based computer. With VirtualBox, you could install multiple OS and create virtual machine without needed drivers etc because VirtualBox built in with additions software of each OS.

In my personal opinion, VirtualBox is the most powerful free virtualization software available today. This is my favorite software to try various software I’ve reviewed here.

VirtualBox is available for free and you could download it here:


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