Saving Important Data in Ever Password to Stay Longer

SOT often confuse when memorizing so many important information, started from social network password, pin, credit card, or bank account. SOT once noted it in a memo or note in cell phone or computer. But then SOT started to rethink, what if someone else watched it and stole it? Taking a note in memo or note couldn’t give extra security to our important data. Then how we can save all our important data securely.

The fact is, in this modern era and by sophisticated technology today, there are many crimes happened, almost every four seconds, there is a stolen data. But don’t worry, you can minimize the possibility by saving all your personal (important) data safely, so there would be no one has a chance to steal it.

SOT has found one of the solution. Yes! Ever Password is one software which is able to answer this matter. This software uses 256 bit encryption to save your data securely. You can also do data synchronization to more than one device or platform, started from Windows, Mac, iPhone, even iPad.


Download Ever Password

For you who used iPhone or Mac Password Manager, probably you will be familiar with this software. Even for you who haven’t used password manager before, this Ever Password is so easy to be used, because you’ll get step by step via entering, saving and securing data process as you wanted. Unfortunately, Ever Password still doesn’t have auto-fill feature which is integrated in the browser such as LastPass or Dashlane.

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    I use Intuitive Password. It supports all major browsers and mobile devices, you don’t need to manually sync your data. Your data is securely stored on their cloud data center. It is completely free of charge!

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