Security Attack: Are You VLC Media Player User? Update Now!

For you VLC Media Player user, there’s an update security you should download. VideoLAN, developer from VLC Media Player has said that there is a security issue attacked previous version of VLC Media Player.

Security Attack: Are You VLC Media Player User? Update Now!

A small bug in VLC media player caused corrupt in heap when there is a less buffer size when parting some MP4 files. This bug could be used by dangerous thread to run some dangerous code execution which is not only caused crash on VLC Media Player, but also various problems in process happened to VLC Media Player.

The threat could be spread when you open certain MP4 file. It could be avoided by not opening or downloading Mp4 file from untrust site. But it would be good if you updated VLC Media Player with version 1.1.9 which is the latest version VLC media player.

This VLC Media Player 1.1.9. is able to overcome such problem since the bug has been fixed in this version.

For you VLC Media Player user, I suggest you to download the latest update from this VLC Media Player for free in this site:


Download Latest Version of VLC Media Player

I hope information about security update from VLC Media Player could be benefit for you.

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