Seeing Word Meaning and Learning English in Firefox

English is a global language. More than 56% website in the internet also use English as its main language. It made tools like Google Translate becomes more popular recently. However, SOT felt that viewing English word’s meaning would make us understand fast than seeing the meaning in Indonesia language.

Seeing Word Meaning and Learning English in Firefox

For you who often do browsing, also eager learning about English to improve your skill, there’s a Firefox add-on you need to try, which is, Multi Dictionary Lookup.

By this Multi Dictionary Lookup, you can see English vocabularies faster and easier. You’ll just have to highlight what word you want to search for the meaning. Right click and select one of dictionary you wanted. After that, the word meaning would be displayed on the page.

Seeing Word Meaning and Learning English in Firefox

Seeing Word Meaning and Learning English in Firefox

There are 3 dictionaries, they are Free Dictionary, Urban Dictionary, dan Bee Dictionary and still many more. These three dictionaries are complete each other who can you select, which is Free Dictionary, Urban Dictionary, and Bee Dictionary. This third dictionaries complete each other.

These three dictionaries are used altogether. Free Dictionary and Bee Dictionary seemed mostly dominated by formal English, Urban Dictionary consider more about English slang. These three dictionary would be helpful, especially among youth.

Some benefits you can get from this Multi Dictionary Lookup are:

  • Browsing and learning English
  • Finding word meaning you don’t know far easier and faster

If you’re interesting with this add-on, you’d just have to download Multi Dictionary Lookup for Firefox here:

If you have other tools or flagship add-on to learn English, share with other SOT friends in comment column below.

SOT once also shared Byki Express! A software you can use to learn language from all over the world.


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