Shut Down PC Super-Automatically by Shutdown Scheduler

Do you often oversleep in front of your PC when typing or playing game? In fact, there are so many applications to turn off PC automatically according to certain time setting. But how if in the time you’ve set, you still awake or using your PC? You should reset the time.

In other case, when you’re downloading a cool movie, in the middle of quiet night, and you cannot hold your drowsiness. OK, you can sleep for a while then turning of the computer after downloading process is finished… but… I’m not quite sure you’ll be sleeping ‘a while’… What happened often is, when you wake up, the sun is already high, the birds are singing, and you have just realized the computer is still on with finished download process since ten hours ago…

To help you, this time there is an application which is able to turn off your computer automatically by inserting certain condition, which is Shutdown Scheduler.

Shut Down PC Super-Automatically by Shutdown Scheduler

Curious about this application? Download the application in:

Link Direct Download (version 2.5)


After the download procedure is finished, you can directly install this light and useful application.

Shut Down PC Super-Automatically by Shutdown Scheduler

Shutdown Scheduler has five mode to turn the computer off. The mode included When Specified Period Elapses (after certain period elapses, whether you use the computer or not), When the Computer is Idle for Specified Period (when you don’t use the computer in certain time range), At Specified Time, and When Specified Application Closes, and for the latest version, there’s a unique feature, which is When Applications Stop Playing Sounds (It would be useful when you’re watching a movie or listening to music. When the movie is finished, or your song list in your music player have been played). If you selected certain setting, timer will be displayed on the right side, you’ll just have to set the time as you needed, then click on “Begin”. When Shutdown Scheduler run, its main window will display shutdown type and action to be executed by this application when the conditions are met.

Shut Down PC Super-Automatically by Shutdown Scheduler

If you clicked on star sign on the upper left side, then select Advanced, Advanced menu from this application will be opened. Advanced option makes you possible to choose action type to be done when the conditions are met.

What an interesting application, isn’t it? Now you can save energy by make sure that your computer has shut down when you didn’t use it.

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