Shutting Down Computer Automatically Using WinMend Auto Shutdown

If you’re a hard worker who did work in front of computer until you got tired and forgot to turn your computer off, then software you will need is WinMend Auto Shutdown. WinMend Auto Shutdown Software is a software which is able to help you to come out from problems how you forgot to turn your computer off. By this WinMend Auto Shutdown you can easily turn your computer off automatically usuing shut down, hibernate, stand by or log off mode.


This Software is designed with a simple design, so you can easily use this software. By this software, you don’t have to worry anymore of your negligence in turning off your computer, because this software can be scheduled. WinMend Auto Shutdown is available with various language, they are English, Hungarian, Vietnamese, and Russian.

Download WinMend Auto Shutdown:


Features given by WinMend Auto Shutdown

Countdown Screen

Countdown Screen feature will give you 30 seconds time before computer shut down. So, if you want to continue using your computer, so you still able to prevent auto shutdown process.


Basically, this software will be automatically open when the computer on and entering Windows to make you easier in using WinMend Auto Shutdown.


After WinMend Auto Shutdown is activate, then when you close this software, there would be a small additional icon appeared in your taskbar, so that your desktop wouldn’t be seen mess.


So, if you forgetful often to turn your computer off, just use WinMend Auto Shutdown. So, you don’t have to worry that your computer would be broken or electric bill would be risen. You can also use Shutdown Scheduler, Shutdown Timer or read SOT’s article about How to Turn Computer Off Automatically Without Using Any Software.

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