10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

If you’re one of Photoshop active users, have you followed the history of Photoshop development from time to time? If you already have, I’m sure you’re amazed since in the beginning, Photoshop has simple display with simple features too. At that time, tools provided by Photoshop was so little, different with now which has so many tools.

That’s why Photoshop is able to edit picture or photo into cool appearance, one of the tools which commonly used to edit image or photo is brush. If you use this tool often, so this time SOT will discuss about sites which shared their brush tools collection for free.



10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

By viewing according to brush rating, you can assess whether a brush you will download is good or not in Q Brushes. Besides, you can also see detail of brush you want to download. You can do it by clicking on Full Preview. There you’ll be able to see that brush you will download have some types and forms. However, sometimes its Full preview isn’t run well.

Visit Q Brushes: http://qbrushes.net/



10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

Other site with similar system, which is according to rating is BrushLovers. Here, you can see star rating from existed brushes. If there are more star received in the brush, so the brush can be included into a cool brush and you can have it. Unfortunately, here you cannot see clearly the type and shape of brush you will download. There’s only explanation about how many brushes you will get from one brush and also how large file from the brush.

Visit BrushLovers: http://brushlovers.com/



10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

Besides, there’s also a site which has similar system, which is BrushDirectory. Here you will see sharper in choosing brush, since you can assess the brush from the existing rating. There’s also Full Preview feature which made you possible to see the form of brush you wanted to download. Not just that, you can also see how many people who have download it and how many shapes of the brush. However, you cannot see the size of brush file you wanted to download.

Visit BrushDirectory: http://www.brushdirectory.com



10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

There are more than 6000 brushes you can get in Fbrushes. Although it doesn’t have rating system, you can see how many brushes which already downloaded. Besides, you can also see how many brushes there. You can do all of them without opening the brush link. You can also see it by directing mouse pointer to thumbnail image of the brush. Okay, one more benefits you can get from Fbrushes, you can see the size of brush you’re downloading. But unfortunately, you cannot see the shapes of brushes you downloaded.

Visit Fbrushes: http://fbrushes.com/


PS Brushes

10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

More than 500 brushes you can get from PS Brushes which are always been updated everyday. You can directly see the amount and shape of brushes you will download in PS Brushes.

Visit PS Brushes: http://www.psbrushes.net/


WOW Brushes

10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

There’s still a place to download brush for free, which is WOW Brushes. Here you’ll get 400 brushes more. There’s information before you download the brush, one of them download amount, photoshop version to use brush, and many more. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t able to see brush shape and also how large the brush file size you will download.

Visit WOW Brushes: http://wowbrushes.com



10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

Brush sharing isn’t over yet, there’s still Brushking which looks professional as free brush sharer. Features given by this site also similar like Fbrushes, if you direct the mouse into thumbnail of brush image, then you will see various brushes type and how many brushes have been downloaded.

Visit Brushking: http://www.brushking.eu



10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

One of the site to download Photoshop brush for free is myPhotoshopBrushes. Here, you’ll get information of the brush, which is file size, download amount, shape amount, and appearance of each shape.

Visit myPhotoshopBrushes: http://myphotoshopbrushes.com



10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

Cool place you should visit to download brush, is Brusheezy. Here you can see rating, preview of brush shape, download amount, and Photoshop version to use brush. It will help you in selecting brush. In addition of this site, you’ll easily search shape and model of the brush.

Visit Brusheezy: http://www.brusheezy.com


Free Brushes

10 Sites to Download Photoshop Brush Tools for Free

Lastly, to get free brush is in Free Brushes. Although this site has simple interface and also features. However, there are many brushes you can download for free.

Visit Free Brushes: http://free-brushes.com


So, there are so many places we can use to download Photoshop brush tools. If you have additional information about where to download Photoshop brush for free, you can add it in comment column below.

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