Three Software to Color Your Folders to Overcome Boredom

Most of folder appearance are dominated with yellow color. Bored with your monotonous folder color? Actually you can use some software to change the folder colors into various colors.

Not just it will be useful to ‘refresh your eyes’, but by changing folder colors and theme, you can also mark important folders for you.

This time SOT discuss about three software you can use to change and shift your folders’ colors, also change folders’ theme and appearance to suit your interest.

Software to Color Your Folders to Overcome Boredom


1. Folder Marker Free (Special for XP)

Folder Marker free is a Windows XP special folder which made you possible to change certain folder color by various color options provided. Not just that, there are also options for various folder shape you can apply to your folder. So, you can differ your folder with other folder.

Folder Marker also give facilities for you to change folder shape, inserting certain icon inside your folders to be more specific and attractive.

Software to Color Your Folders to Overcome Boredom

You can get Folder Marker in:

By the way, if you decide to download Folder Marker from the site’s homepage, just select free download option, because the other option which is paid but promised free – can be obtained if you buy other items from the same developer. The free one is enough to colorize your folders. This folder Marker is truly suitable to sign important folders, especially for you who use Widnows XP.


2. Folder Colorizer

Folder Colorizer is a software which can be used specifically to color folder. The color option from Folder Colorizer are various and using a cool aero glass effects. According to SOT’s opinion, Folder Colorizer is really suits for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Get Folder Colorizer in:

You can use Folder Colorizer to change and focus on certain folders so you’ll recognize your important folders faster.


3. Folderico

Software to Color Your Folders to Overcome Boredom

Folderico is a software to change folder display in fast and easy way. Moreover, Folderico also has ready-to-use theme and you can also add them by downloading the themes.

Software to Color Your Folders to Overcome Boredom

Using Folderico theme will make your folder forms various, so it will attract your attention immediately if you want to bulge on certain data stored in your folder.

Download Folderico

Download Folderico Theme

Folderico is a correct option for you who want to change extremely your desktop display in folder variants existed. Folderico will be suitable to be used for Windows 7 and Windows 8 to prettify the appearance.


Those three software above is suitable software to change and prettify your folders. By this software, not just getting a pretty folders, you can also give more impression to certain folder, so you will remember more where you save your important data.

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