Software to Trace Back Your Lost or Stolen Laptop

One bad moment we hate is when we lost laptop or Cell phone we have. Before it happens, I will give tips how to find your Laptop or Android phone if you really lost those devices. By using an open source software you can download and install for free, you can re-trace your lost laptop or stolen Android phone.

Software you can use to trace your Android phone and laptop continuously is Prey. Prey can be used to trace back your lost laptop or Android phone.

Software to Trace Back Your Lost or Stolen Laptop

How Prey work is unique. You just have to download and install Prey in your Android phone or laptop, then this software would work in disguise. When you send signal, whether through text message or internet, this software would directly take all information such as location, hardware, and network status, taking picture of laptop user, recording screen display, etc.

Here is Prey’s feature details and its benefits for you to find your lost laptop or Android phone:

1. It is able to detect laptop or Android cell phone location by using GPS from the device or closest WiFi.

2. It is able to take picture of laptop user through the laptop’s webcam, in case that one of your friends or relatives recognize the thief.

3. It is able to record your laptop desktop display. If you’re lucky, you can see when the thief login on their Facebook or email account.

4. Prey works silently without leaving any memory footprint or other trace.

5. It is able to lock your laptop and Android mobile totally. The thief couldn’t do anything if they don’t insert password you have set previously.

6. It is able to hide your important data and erase password saved.

7. Prey can automatically connect your laptop with the closest WiFi hotspot if it’s available.

8. You can send message to person who use your laptop or Android phone.

You can see all report about location, who use, and what the thief did to your laptop and Android phone. The reports are accessible through email or Prey Control Panel.

You can download Prey here.

Prey can be used in laptop with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu operating systems and also in Android cell phone.

It should be known that Prey couldn’t be 100% effectively protecting your laptop and Android phone. If the thief is smart, they just have to format and re-install the laptop to turn off all Prey function. However, I’m sure, not all thieves understand about it. Moreover, installing Prey would be better than do nothing. There’s nothing wrong to install Prey in your laptop or Android cell phone. Preventing is always better than curing!

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