SpeedCrunch: Alternative Calculator for Windows

Confuse about math formula? Discussing algebra or other science? You don’t need to confuse nor dizzy. You just have to use mini-calculation machine which is fit for your pocket. Calkulator is your saviour when doing a complex calculation. Even first computer is developed from a calculator.

IC arrangement to think and do calculation in calculator is the basic for processor development. Along with computer technology development, now various computer software is developed to do calculation in computer screen. Even Windows default itself has their own calculator program.

Previously, SOT also once discussed about 4 online scientific calculator which is able to help you finishing your calculation task. But how if your computer status is an offline computer which is rare to access internet? You can use SpeedCrunch, one of the great calculator software!

SpeedCrunch: Alternative Calculator for Windows

SpeedCrunch has scientific calculator options with quite complete functions to do calculation for various exact and math formula. Even SpeedCrunch has Math Book feature which is able to display various geometry formula and help to calculate it for you.

SpeedCrunch Interface is quite simple with five supporting bar, they are Session, Edit, View, Setting, and Help. Its large main screen is able to display even a long-line-calculation.

SpeedCrunch: Alternative Calculator for Windows

Math Book function makes you possible to display various geometry formula within its explanation. It would be able to support you learning geometry and memorizing formula better.

SpeedCrunch: Alternative Calculator for Windows

Even you can do calculation by directly include the number into formula and calculate it in main screen.

SpeedCrunch: Alternative Calculator for Windows

Download SpeedCrunch:

SpeedCrunch is a flagship scientific calculator alternative if you feel that Windows default calculator application is not appropriate for you. Moreover, since it is offline and light, you can use it anywhere without depending the internet connection.

As alternative, you can also use Google Calculator which is a project from the giant search engine: Google. It would surely helpful if you have good internet connection.

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