Spread: Google Chrome Extension To Read Text From Any Websites

Yup. You don’t read it wrong. This extension is able to help you reading text from website. In the first look, probably it sounds ridiculous… why should you need help in reading?

If we look from science perspective, many of neuroscience experts said that reading text in website has basic different with reading book, since website caused so many distortion in our effort to read. For example, template colors and font type which made us lazy to read overall text, so knowledge we got from reading website commonly shallow.

Spread, help you to overcome such obstacle by displaying text in a screen, similar with video, so our attention would only focused on the text we want to read. Besides, Spread also has another benefit, which is supporting speed reading technique.

OK, you seemed interesting. Let’s try what can be done by this Google Chrome extension to help you.

Firstly, you can download Spread for your Google Chrome here:


Spread: Google Chrome Extension to read text from any websites

After installing this extension, you can use it directly. How to use it is, you just have to do highlight on text you wanted, then right click on it. Then you’ll see speed read selection option.

Spread: Google Chrome Extension to read text from any websites

When you click on that option, there would be a pop up window appeared, which is similar like a video screen, directly displayed the text. By pressing play button, the text would be displayed per part, makes you possible to concentrate reading it. Your focus would be centered to video screen, which makes your concentration would be directed to the text. If you watch and feel it in detail, you’ll feel that you’ll be easier to understand the text content which you read by this way than viewing the text directly on website which is full with distortion distracted your concentration as I discussed before.

Spread: Google Chrome Extension to read text from any websites

You can add or reduce the speed (character per minute), managing font size, and character displayed.

So, you will train your skill in speed reading too. This extension would be useful for you who do reading and researching work (especially if you involved a research that need so many literatures and obliged you to read much).

After using this extension, you’ll be aware that reading also need skill and the skill would be useful for your daily life.

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