SRWare Iron : Chrome Based Browser with high Privacy Level

Previously, I have discussed about the battle of 4 chrome based browser included TheWorld, Comodo Dragon, ChromePlus and BlackHawk. I once also discussed about RockMelt, special made – chrome based browser for social network such as facebook and twitter lover. In this edition, I will discuss SRWare Iron, one of the Chrome based browser made special for you who want to have high privacy level when surfing the Net.

SRWare Iron : Chrome Based Browser with high Privacy Level

As we knew, Chrome is one of browser with very fast engine when we used it for browsing. Unfortunately, using Google Chrome often make us gave up our privacy. Why? Since google chrome send so many log to google server when we surf the Net with the browser.

That’s why SRWare Iron browser made specially for you who want to surf the Net faster using base engine like Google Chrome, but don’t want your privacy data sent to Google server. Here are some difference and improvement of your privacy offered by SRWare Iron:

1. Google Chrome will send unique Installation-ID to Google server when you installed Google chrome. In SRWare Iron, this feature is turned off.
2. Google Chrome will send to Google server when you typed a website address to be suggestion in the next day. In SRWare Iron, this feature is turn off.
3. When you fill in wrong site address, the address will send to Google server and you’ll get error message from Google server. In SRWare Iron, this feature is turned off.
4. When there is error or crash in your Google Chrome browser, this message would be sent into Google server. In SRWare Iron, this feature is turned off.
5. Google chrome has RLZ-Tracking feature to send encoded information to Google, such as from where and when your Google chrome downloaded, etc. In SRWare Iron, this feature is turned off.
6. Google Updater loaded in background on your Windows also turned off in this SRWare Iron.
7. Google Chrome has URL-Tracker feature, in SRWare Iron this feature is turned off.

The point is, when you used Google Chrome, everything you did easily found by Google since Google Chrome sent so many data activity related with Google Chrome usage in Google Server. SRWare Iron turned off all the data sending feature and made you able to browse in comfort way without any worry about your activity data recorded to your Google server.

In addition of higher privacy feature, SRWare Iron also offers additional feature, such as:

1. Adblocker to do blocking on advertising displayed in a website page.
2. Flexible User Agent and you can change it as you wanted.
3. SRWare Iron gives 12 preview thumbs by using existing space on your monitor screen. This amount are much more since Google Chrome only provides 8 preview thumbs.

For you who have interest to use this Chrome Based Browser SRWare Iron, you can download it here

SRWare Iron Installer version:


SRWare Iron Portable version:

SRWare Iron for Linux 32 bit

SRWare Iron for Linux 64 bit

SRWare Iron for Mac OS

By using this SRWare Iron browser, you can surf the Net with high speed, using chrome based engine, but with safer data privacy since your activity data won’t be sent to Google server. Enjoy trying :)


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