System Spec: Shortcut to Find out Your Hardware and Software Computer Specification

Because of certain reason, we often need to find out our computer system specification, whether hardware or software. For you who want to find out all detail information in your computer, you don’t have to confuse searching them one by one. Just download and install System Spec, free software you could use to see all system details, from hardware to software on your computer!

By using this System Spec, you can see, store, and print all your computer information detail specification. System Spec will show you detail specification of CPU, drives, application, display, memory, networking, internet, CD/DVD rom and still many more.

How to download and install System Spec?

This System Spec is a portable software that don’t need to be installed. Just download and double click on it to run.

Download System Spec here:


Double click on SysSpec.exe to open System Spec software and find out all system specification on your computer.

Double Click SysSpec.exe to open System Spec

One thing you should remember, if you want System Spec display all your computer system specification, you should run it as administrator. It caused by some information file displayed need access from administrator. If you were not login as your computer administrator, just right-click on SysSpec.exe and select “Run as administrator”

Run as Administrator if you're not login as administrator

After System Spec opened, System Spec will start to display all information of your computer hardware and software.

What will be displayed by System Spec?

1. Global Information about hardware and software on your computer.

Global Information about hardware and software on your computer

2. Information About Personal windows and system information
3. Information about Display (Monitor Screen)
4. Information about Hard Disk and S.M.A.R.T info.
5. Information about your CD and DVD Rom.
6. Information about CPU on your computer.
7. Information about BIOS on your computer.
8. Information about internet connection you used.
9. Information about all software and application installed on your computer.
10. Information about computer Network.
11. Information about Printer connected with your computer.
12. Information about your Sound Card.
13. Information about all USB host controllers and USB storage device.
14. Information about time and date setting on your computer.
15. Information about input device such as keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc
16. Information about windows operating system you used

All the information is a complete details on your computer specification, so whenever you need information about your computer specification, System Spec is the right software for you. Good luck and try it!

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