Taking Screenshot of Your Desktop Display with Desktop Hunter!

Do you want to capture screenshot from your Windows computer desktop display? You don’t have to make yourself busy by doing printscreen then cut it in part you wanted, since by Desktop Hunter, you can take screenshot easily in whatever area you wanted, whether full screen desktop in all desktop area, screenshot selected region in desktop area you wanted, or screenshot active window in area where windows active.

Taking Screenshot of Your Desktop Display with Desktop Hunter!

Desktop Hunter is a free software which is able to capture your desktop area easily. You can save the picture in PNG, JPEG, BMP or GIF format. By using Desktop Hunter, you can arrange compression and quality of screenshot produced, so you can also manage the size of picture produced.

You can manage hotkey as you wish to make you faster and easy when using Desktop Hunter. This Desktop Hunter also provided with autosave feature which is able to store picture produced by capture desktop in folder you’ve decided. Not only storing it in file, Desktop Hunter can also copy your screenshot desktop to clipboard, so you can paste it quickly in wherever application you wanted.

Desktop Hunter has two version, they are portable version and installer version. To download Desktop Hunter, you can visit this links:

Download Desktop Hunter installer version:



Download Desktop Hunter Portable version:


By using Desktop Hunter, now you can capture screenshot of your desktop display easily. You can use it to make tutorial screenshot as in this site, or use it for other needs. I hope information about this Desktop Hunter which can be used to capture screenshot area of your desktop can be benefit for you. You can also use another software to capture screenshot easily: PicPick! You can read PicPick review and download it here. Have a try:)

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