The Latest Greasemonkey has been released, Compatible with Firefox 15!

One of the features which loved by so many people from Mozilla Firefox browser is its ability to integrate Addons. You can selected various Addons provided to support your performance in using the browser. One of the most ‘sold out’ addons among Firefox users is Greasemonkey. Addon with smiling monkey icon is made Firefox user possible to run JavaScript code which is known as userscript. This kind of script commonly able to customize browser page, erasing commercial, adding download option, or also make us possible to do various additional function in certain website or forum.

By the release of Firefox 15 just like SOT once reviewed, Greasemonkey we used would be less compatible with the latest Firefox browser. The change happened in Firefox 15 has caused negative effects to Greasemonkey script which caused memory leaks. SOT had discussed about this memory leaks in article: List of Addon caused memory leaks in Firefox, also tips to overcome it in article: Instant way to tame Firefox Avoiding Memory thirsts. Greasemonkey is one of addons which mentioned caused memory leaks. That’s why Greasemonkey 1.0 then released to overcome the matter, exactly at the same time with Firefox 15 releases which prevented Firefox user to have memory leaks.

The Latest Greasemonkey has been released, Compatible with Firefox 15!

This Greasemonkey page is quite simple, and you’ll just have to click on button on the upper right to install this Greasemonkey 1.0 addons – surely after installed Firefox 15 first.

The Latest Greasemonkey has been released, Compatible with Firefox 15!

By using Greasemonkey, you can install various scripts which is able to support your online activity. If you’re active in certain forums, there are many script supported you to access forum easy and comfortable.

You can download the latest greasemonkey from this link:

According to SOT, Greasemonkey is one of flagship Addon you need to include in your Mozilla Firefox browser. Moreover if you’re a person who have hobby to spend time surfing in the internet!


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