The latest Mozilla Firefox: Be the first Firefox 12 Final User

Mozilla Firefox 12 is not officially released by Mozilla. But the file can be downloaded directly from their official server. From the news spread, new Mozilla will release Firefox 12 officially in the next 1 or 2 days. If you want to feel Firefox 12 earlier than the other Firefox user, in this article, I provide you the download link. So, keep reading.

What is new in Firefox 12?


Officially Mozilla has not given release note because actually Firefox 12 isn’t released yet in official. However, from a bit testing I’ve done, there’s some new things in this version you cannot find in previous version.

1. F6 button function which is shut down in some previous Firefox versions, now it has been re-activated. You can use this F6 button to go to address bar faster.
2. Firefox 12 now has built-in Speed Dial feature. Website page you visited often would be displayed on home speed dial.
3. If previously Firefox presented the result of search (Ctrl+F) feature under the website page, now in Firefox 12 the result is displayed in the middle of website page.

For you who are still curious, feel free to download directly this Firefox 12 installer below:

Firefox 12 for Windows (Link 1)
Firefox 12 for Windows (Link 2)

Firefox 12 for Linux (Link 1)
Firefox 12 for Linux (Link 2)

Firefox 12 for Mac OS X (Link 1)
Firefox 12 for Mac OS X (Link 2)

Now you can use Firefox 12 earlier than other users.

Probably there are some questions in your mind. Why Mozilla hasn’t released it officially, while the file could be downloaded already?

1. They probably still prepare some other equipment, such as creating release page and release note in Mozilla official website.
2. They probably still do final test to assure this latest Mozilla Firefox is ready to be released.

Anyway, for you feel impatient to find out what Mozilla Firefox 12 is like, you can download it directly from link above. Enjoy trying!

Whoops… I almost forgot… Don’t forget to share here about your experience after using this Mozilla Firefox 12. thank you :)

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