The latest Opera Update: Opera 11.64 has been released!

Great news for all Opera browser user! Opera 11.64 which is the latest version of Opera has been released. By various maintenance, Opera will serve better all its users. Most of maintenance is focused in security and browser stability. Here is detail of complete maintenance planted in Opera 11.64.

The latest Opera Update: Opera 11.64 has been released!

Opera 11.64 maintenance for Windows, Unix and Mac OS operating system:

1. Development of system stability
2. handshake mistake repairing in
3. Maintenance for secure page which couldn’t be opened such as Paypal and Ebay
4. Error when using dojo ( has been fixed
5. Error Javascript has been fixed
6. Error security status which made insecure site to be unsafe has been fixed
7. Possibility of code execution from URL construct has been fixed

For Opera browser user, it would be better to update the browser into this latest version of Opera. By doing update to this latest Opera, you can do internet more secure, safe, and stable.

This latest version of Opera can be downloaded directly from its official site here

Opera Main Page

If you prefer portable version of Opera which can be run without install, you can get it here.

I hope information about the latest Opera browser release would be useful for all Opera users in Indonesia. :)

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