Tired Manually Update CCleaner, Defraggler or other Piriform Software? Use CCAuto Updater!

Piriform is a software developer who develops popular freeware such as CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy. They constantly update their software. That’s great because they’re updating their software frequently with several fixes and improvements, but the bad thing is we should download each of those update manually when the new version released. That could be a pain, since we should check for updates manually, and I’m really sure we don’t have enough time to do it every time.

The solution comes from CCAuto Updater software which could help you to automatically update CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler and Speccy when the new version released. With CCAuto Updater, you don’t have to check, download and install the new versions. CCAuto Updater will do it for you automatically. You can run CCAuto Updater manually, on schedule or on start up.

CCAuto Updater will update CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy automatically without installing Yahoo Toolbar. Another CCAuto Updater advantage is it could run CCleaner automatically without any UAC based on your scheduled settings. So you can clear your computer cache with CCleaner automatically.

Tired Manually Update CCleaner, Defraggler or other Piriform Software? Use CCAuto Updater

Unfortunately, CCAuto Updater is not compatible with U3 Portable editions. But it’s fully compatible with CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler and Speccy. If you are Piriform software user, I suggest you to install CCAuto Updater to make you update them easier and faster. You can download CCAuto Updater from this link below:



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