Top 3 Processor Speed Test Software You Ought to Know

There are so many processor speed test and CPU benchmarking software out there. Unfortunately, most of them are paid software. Computer users who interested to know their processor speed sometimes bought those expensive tools. However, if they are googling deeper, they would find several free processor speed test software. I found there are 3 processor speed test software that available to use without spending a dime.

1. CPUInfo by Visualware

CPUInfo by Visualware

CPUInfo is my favorite processor speed test software I love this tools because of its simplicity. Users can download CPUInfo here, then run it without installation required. Once it is opened, it will display several CPU information, such as processor speed, model number, memory and cache settings. Furthermore, it only has 62.6 KB in size. Very small but useful processor speed test software

CPUInfo Overview

Publisher: Visualware.
Homepage: CPUInfo Homepage
File size: 62.6 KB
Price: Free.
Download Link: Download CPUInfo

2. CPU Speed by Wizard Software

CPU Speed by Wizard Software

CPU Speed is a processor speed test software that quite similar with CPUInfo. It doesn’t require to install. However, CPU Speed has fewer features when compared with CPUInfo. It only provides CPU speed information, while CPUInfo also provides other related information.

CPU Speed Overview

Publisher: Wizard Software.
Homepage: CPU Speed Homepage
File size: 750 KB
Price: Free.
Download Link: Download CPU Speed

3. CPU Speed Professional by Wizard Software

CPU Speed Professional by Wizard Software

CPU Speed Professional is created by Wizard Software, the CPU Speed developer. Unlike CPUInfo and CPU Speed, this software is required to install. When users download CPU Speed Professional, they only download the launcher, then they need to install this software through the launcher (internet connection required). When installing this software, make sure you uncheck the toolbar installation request.

CPU Speed Professional has a pretty interface with 3D “CPU-speedometer” appearance. The free version provides users with CPU speed details and other related details, such as CPU description, vendor, family, operating system and memory. If users want to benchmark their CPU, they can purchase CPU Speed Professional license that priced at $9.95. However, to check the CPU speed only, users don’t need to pay anything.

CPU Speed Professional overview

Publisher: Wizard Software.
Homepage: CPU Speed Professional Homepage
File size: 444 KB (installer launcher) and 1.6 MB (Online installer).
Price: Free (limited features).
Download Link: Download CPU Professional Installer

The Bottom Line

Based on the details of CPU information and the simplicity, CPUInfo is the most recommended processor speed test software

Do you have another processor speed test software? If so, please share it with us.

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Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

4 Responses

  1. Hank Ng says:

    How about using Windows experience Index? I think these kinds of software you’ve written about is using for overclocking.
    P.S. Can you write somethings about overclocking? :p (I’m a PURE NOOB.) :D

    • Travis Brice says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Hank
      Great advice! I will write something about overclocking on my next post.

      btw, I think it’s lie if you’re a pure noob at overclocking. I bet you’re a computer master :p

  2. Nenad says:

    One of the best performance test for the processor, memory and even graphic card is OCCT Perestroika. It is not for pure beginners. For any overclocker out there is a must have.

    • Travis Brice says:

      It’s look like a great software. Thanks for pointing this out, Nenad. I’ll review the software and publish it on spyontech soon. Great information!

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