TorChat: Having Chat Anytime and Anywhere without Anyone Noticed!

SOT used to chat by Skype or Yahoo Messenger. You’d probably also use both Instant Messenger? Yup. It’s true that both Instant Messenger are so popular and comfortable to have a chat. Unfortunately, both application won’t give a strong privacy protection for their users. So, if you want to have a chat with very secret subjects and you don’t want anyone know (whew!), SOT suggested you to use TorChat!


TorChat? What an unfamiliar name…. What’s that?

Torchat is an Instant Messenger application which gave strong anonymity for each user. TorChat is made according to Tor service which is able to stop someone else tracked your location. Your chatting content in TorChat will also be fully encrypted so that someone else won’t be able to steal your conversation data.

Shortly, there is two main benefits you got when do chatting by using TorChat:

  • Chatting without any fear that your conversation would be bugged by someone else.
  • Chatting without fear that your location will be tracked by someone else.

Very secure, isn’t it?? :D

By its ability, TorChat can also be useful for you who want to speak about any secret theme without fear that your identity would be revealed outside.


Download TorChat for free

TorChat can be used whether in Windows or Linux. You can also download it in this link:

TorChat Download page

TorChat (Windows) Direct Download Link


How to use TorChat in Windows

For you who use Windows, Here SOT gave you a manual to use TorChat.

  • Download TorChat from the link which previously given.
  • Extract TorChat and run torchat.exe in bin folder.
  • You’ll receive ID with name *IDCode*(myself). That *IDCode* will be given to your friend to be added. You can also add your friend’s *IDCode* to your TorChat’s friend.

TorChat: Having Chat Anytime and Anywhere without Anyone Noticed!

TorChat: Having Chat Anytime and Anywhere without Anyone Noticed!

  • TorChat is ready to use when your ID logo is green-colored (available). Sometimes it needs a few time – it can be fast or slow – to make your ID available and ready to use.
  • When your ID and your friend are already green, you can have a chat with them securely.

Other important thing when using TorChat is, don’t let someone else to find out buddy-list.txt file in your TorChat folder. Because there is located your *IDCode* details also your friends’. Wherever you want to use TorChat, copy all those files, including your buddy-list.txt. If it’s not, your TorChat will be empty just like a new one.

You can also exchange your ID continuously by using fresh TorChat file each time you want to get new ID.

TorChat makes its user cannot be tracked, whether in location or conversation content. I hope it would be useful. Remember… Don’t misuse it, Okay… ^^

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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