TouchCursor: Moving Cursor with Home Keys for Fast Typing!

Do you want to type faster? You can use TouchCursor! This TouchCursor will make your home keys as cursor keys, so you don’t have to move to cursor keys move the cursor. Your fingers position will be still on the best position to type faster.

TouchCursor: Moving Cursor with Home Keys for Fast Typing!

TouchCursor can be used in your windows computer and supported for all software or program installed in Windows. Although so, you have full option to disable it in any software you wanted.

You can disable touchcursor for any software you want

By TouchCursor, you can use home keys as cursor navigation keys. There is default setting of home keys told above:

Home Keys Default setting to move cursor at TouchCursor software

You can do home keys setting which you wanted to use in general tab setting provided.

General Setting Tabs on TouchCursor Software

This TouchCursor run automatically in windows background and it didn’t disturb the existing keyboard shortcuts. You can still use your space bar as extra shift key when typing with one hand.

This TouchCursor will make you type, edit or move your cursor faster, without moving your hand from home keys to cursor keys. For you who firstly use this TouchCursor, you won’t get use to. But you don’t have to worry since there is training mode you can access through general tab menu provided.

When you get used to on this TouchCursor, your typing speed would be increased since you didn’t exchange your hand when typing. Your hand and fingers would be still on the best and fastest position to type.

For you who get curious what TouchCursor’s function when it’s used, you can watch it in this video:

For you who have interest to type faster, you can download this TouchCursor for free here:


This TouchCursor is fit for PC user who uses conventional PC keyboard. TouchCursor is not fit for laptop user which sometimes have different home keys location in each laptop. I hope information about this TouchCursor software would be useful for you who want tot type faster in your PC.

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