Turning On and Off computer automatically using SmartPower

SOT shall admit that default power option feature from Windows is not quite smart to turn on and off computer automatically. SOT once experienced annoying moment about it. When SOT downloaded quite huge file and it’s not finished until midnight, SOT decided to sleep and let the computer working alone. The bad news is, when SOT woke up, the computer turned to sleep… So the 2GB file downloading process is stopped and failed. It because Windows power management which didn’t realize that the computer was busy at that time. Ouch…!

If you experienced the same thing, SmartPower will probably a good solution to overcome it. As its name, this application is ‘smarther’ than power option provided by Windows.

By SmartPower you can save energy (and money for sure) without sacrificing various activity done by computer.

What you should do only downloading SmartPower, install it and gave some rules to manage when your computer should turn on and when your computer will shut down.

SmartPower can be downloaded here for free:


Turning On and Off computer automatically using SmartPower


PS: this software needs .NET Framework 3.5

After it is installed, you can directly run this application and put the rule you wanted


Okay, SOT will discuss a bit about some rules in SmartPower which possibly you will need it:

1. Tab schedule, can be fill in with computer turn on schedule. Outside the schedule you set, computer will automatically turn off. Here, there’s also Wake-up menu, which if you chose Yes… everytime in turn on schedule, the computer will turn on automatically. You can put more than one schedule at once.

Turning On and Off computer automatically using SmartPower


2. Tab users can be filled by idle time. If you put 30 minutes, then after 30 minutes no time, the computer will automatically turn off.

Turning On and Off computer automatically using SmartPower


3. Tab Devices is able to manage whether your computer turn off or on according to other computer’s on and off. Let’s say there are three network computer in your home, you can manage if there’s one computer turn on, then the other two would turn on too. It’s also possible if one computer turn off, then the other computer would be turned off too.

Turning On and Off computer automatically using SmartPower


4. Tab CPU can be filled by CPU usage percentage. Along CPU used still above those percentage, your computer will be still active. Less than the limit, your computer will shut down automatically.

Turning On and Off computer automatically using SmartPower


5. Tab Processes can be filled with process of a software. For example, you don’t want your computer to turn off in downloading process with IDM, then you can fill it with IDMan (IDMan.exe is IDM process, fill in without .exe extension).

Turning On and Off computer automatically using SmartPower


You can get this process list by opening windows task manager.

There are still more tabs, but those five tabs are usually used often.

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore that your computer will turn off by itself when you do a long downloading process. You shouldn’t also worry to get sleep with computer which still turn on. All computer power management process will be taken over in smart way by SmartPower.

In addition of using SmartPower, you can also turn your computer off automatically using WindMend Auto Shutdown, Shutdown Scheduler, or even Without any software.

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